• Is there a deposit required upon registration?

    Yes, a deposit will be necessary to hold a child's space. This deposit will cover the first month of child care. The deposit becomes non refundable if the child enrols with a different provider.
    Parents withdrawing their children from Busy Crocodile are required to provide one (1) month's notice in writing or (1) month's fees in lieu of notice. If we have any post-dated cheques from you at the time that your child is withdrawn, the cheques will be returned to you on the last day your child attends the centre.

    Do you accept children on subsidy?

    Yes, we will accept children on subsidy. If you have paid the first month's fees in advance and have applied for a child care subsidy, the amount of the child care subsidy will be refunded to you upon receipt of the payment from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

    Can I create my own schedule if my child is enrolled part-time?

    On a part time basis we offer two choices to accommodate our family needs. First choice is twice a week and second choice is three times a week. You will have the option to choose the days at registration, however, once your child’s schedule is finalized, there will be no alterations permitted. If your child is sick or on vacation, we do not allow make up days.

    My child did not attend for a period of time, do I still have to pay for day care?

    If the child is away from the centre for any period of time due to vacation, illness or other reasons the full daycare fee for the month must be paid in order to maintain your child's space at the centre. If you are unable to pay, you must re-register upon your return if there are open spots available.

    What are the dates that your facility will be closed?

    - All statutory holidays
    - Weekends
    - December 24th - January 1st.
    - Fees for these months will remain the same as the other months.

    Is there a late fee?

    Yes. There will be a late fee after 6:00pm when our centre closes. We will charge $10.00 between 6:00 – 6:10pm. For every additional minute after 6:10pm we will charge $1.00.

    What do I need to pack for my child’s first day?

    - Extra clothing
    - Lunch
    - Inside & outside shoes, Rain suit/muddy buddy

    Can my child bring toys from home?

    At Busy Crocodile there are plenty of toys for the children to play with. Toys from home can be lost and/or broken and we cannot be held responsible. However, we understand that some toys may provide comfort for children. Therefore, if children have a special toy which helps them sleep, we can hold on to the toy, or keep it within the child’s backpack until nap time.

    How conflicts are handle among children?

    Steps in Resolving Conflicts

    1. Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions
    • Place yourself between the children, on their level
    • Use a calm voice and gentle touch
    • Remain neutral rather than take sides

    2. Acknowledge children’s feelings
    • “You look really upset”
    • Let children know you need to hold any object in question

    3. Gather information
    • “What’s the problem?”

    4. Restate the problem
    • “So the problem is…”

    5. Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together
    • “What can we do to solve this problem?”
    • Encourage children to think of a solution

    6. Be prepared to give follow-up support
    • “You solved the problem!”
    • Stay near the children